These are some of the desktop wallpapers that I've done, most of these are inspired by movies, TV shows or games. You can see more examples of my Photoshop work here. Visit deviantart.com/rocklou to see all my wallpapers.

Some of my designs have become very popular. I've gotten messages where people ask if they can use some of my designs at smaller pop culture conventions. I've seen my designs spread all over the internet, some people even sell these online as printed pictures and tapestries to great success (without my permission!)

You can download any wallpaper you want, if you first view it in full size. (click it to view its full size)

Deathstar.png RogueOne.png 
White_Walkers.png Jon_Snow.png 
It.png Before_The_Storm_logo.png 
LIS_cutout_max_logo.png LIS_cutout_chloe_clean_logo.png 
LIS_cutout_chloe_logo.png Life_Is_Strange_logo.png 
ForceAwakens_logo.png Bioshock_logo.png 
Marvel.png Mass_Effect.png 
Godzilla_wallpaper.png Pacific_Rim.png 
NoMansSky5.png NoMansSky4.png 
NoMansSky3_logo.png NoMansSky2_logo.png 
NoMansSky_logo.png GOT_Graffiti_logo.png 
Time2.png TimeX.png 
new_AC.png The_Creed.png 
WD2.png WalkingDead_logo.png