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The Golden Demon

imageThe Golden Demon, also known as Sinmorath, Sorathis or the Pilgrim of Shadow.

His stats in battle are as follows:

Level: 30
Health: 2500
Damage: 20
Defense: 10
Speed: 21
Pix: 25

He is the main antagonist of the game. He is a powerful sorcerer in dark rags wearing a grinning golden mask.

What he is or where he came from or exactly what he wants remains a mystery for the player.

You fight him once about halfway through the main story of the game.
As an enemy he is very dangerous. He attacks swiftly and either drains all your Stamina or heavily damages you. He has a Limit Break where he blinds you for 15 seconds or casts Confusion. You can counter by quickly pressing the number that flashes on the screen.

After fighting you for a while he steals your two shards of the Tear of Neriah, and flees but only after summoning a Carrion Hound that you fight off.

He is a popular talking topic in Andora. People thought he was just a legend, but recent sightings of the Demon has inspired much fear and debate that the end of the world might be near.